Wing App

Research | User Test | Prototype | Design



Sometimes people have a sense of humor that is frustrating to the more sensitive side of the population. How can someone better manage those awkward situations and relationships?


I proposed an app that combines an affinity for memes with the ability to share them with people from within an app which curates them. WING App will help users wing an apology (get it?) by sending pictures to people while allowing said user to rate the memes curated so that it learns her sense of humor. The app is like a Pandora for memes!


With the idea finalized, planning was in order. I sketched out a userflow and used it to build a wireframe/paper prototype to test the concept.

Sticky-notes and expo for my userflow

User test was performed with the classmate who presented the problem


Through testing, I discovered the user's preference in navigating the app was different from what was expected. The user preferred to select her level of honesty before she selects what kind of meme she would like to send her friends. The prototype was designed with those actions in the opposite order.

After presenting my ideas, a flaw in the rating system became apparent. There were two different rating systems in the prototype. On the content stream page, there was a binary liking system (thumbs up or thumbs down). In the menu where you review your ratings, there was a five-star rating system. For the digital prototype, I decided to implement the first liking system only.


To get a more elaborate feel of the app, I built the digital version of the prototype in Axure. There were many iterations. Below are two drastically different versions.

The user preferred not to see so many colors and didn't care for the purple color I opted for against my own better judgement. So, the decision was made to implement a monochromatic color scheme throughout the app.

RESULTs + Ideas

In the end, the user (who presented the problem) was happy with the final design. She played a huge role in improving upon each iteration, along with other test contributors. Check it out below!

Incorporating my advertising background, the idea for this simple app is that it would be part of a large campaign for a company with a snarky brand, one like Doritos or Taco Bell.